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There is a storm building

out in the ocean.

Winds scream and howl

like some terrible monster

is chained up and finally

feels the taste of freedom

on its lips.

The circular flow of pent-up energy

begs to be released from its cage.

The smell of sulfur taints the air

as static electricity crackles

and pops from the clouds.

The winds increase

in intensity and speed,

as the storm travels

across miles

of empty ocean.


Waves surge and recede

and white caps form and

race across the hungry water.

Land lies ahead as anxious

forecasters huddle around

computer screens tracking

its  destructive path.

People scatter like ants.

Some flee before the storm

makes landfall,

and others board up windows

and stay behind

to protect their belongings.

They pray that the storm

will miss them,

and they wait

for the winds to hit.



The hurricane comes

and dumps its fury on

homes, and people,

and then, it leaves,

taking with it

precious belongings,

and hopes and dreams

of the future.

It stamps forever

on the human heart

the realization that

something exists

bigger than themselves;

That people matter

more than things;

and they learn

when they work together,

and respect each other,

anything is possible.


They learn, 

in caring for each other

they are not alone;

For underneath the skin,

and years of misconceptions,

they are the same:

they dream, they hope,

and they need

human connection,

and a faith in something

bigger than themselves.

They come to realize we all

need each other to survive,

and that love is stronger,

so much stronger

than any kind of hate.