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“Written for the survivors and those who died  in the wild fires, hurricanes, and floods of 2017.”  Y.


TOGETHER, YOU WILL SURVIVE.                                 

Found on Pinterest on 8-31-2017. eye of the storm. Saved from sickchirpse.com

Even though its hard to see

When you’ve lost everything,

You will survive, you will go on.

There’s a song for you to sing,

Despite the days being long,

Your spirit will take wing. 


Fly above the flood  below.

Feel the pain and let it sting.

Inside, your strength will grow.

Grab a human hand and ask

For help to overcome your woe…

Together do the hardest task.


Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16. helping hands. Dalai Lama.

Know, faith and trust thrives,                               

So remove the mask you wear.

Give thanks to God, you’re both alive.

Show others that you still care.

Together, you will survive,

For God is everywhere.