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“What do you see, when you see me?”

I had it all when I was young.

My body was strong and confident,

And I had friends with whom I hung.


I loved doing the things I did.

I earned everyone’s respect,

And had money I could spend.

With people, I found I could connect.


My mind was quick and problem-solved

Most of the obstacles in my way.

I could cope with anything

And troubles seemed to melt away.


I lived with truth and integrity,

And believed in God on high.

I trusted people who I knew,

And I seldom had to cry.


“Don’t you know I wish that you

Knew me, liked me, back then

When I struggled less inside

‘With all I could have been?’ ” 


Now, I’m old and slow in thought.

My body has grown weak.

Many losses have occurred.

It’s  hard when I speak.


I cope with less, as time goes on

Than long, long ago.

I try hard to get things done

As the cold winds blow.


I am ill and cannot do

All the things I did.

My energy disappears,

And I am not a kid.


I have to accept the fact

My resources are thin.

I do my best to set some goals,

But I don’t always win.


I find I don’t know every thing;

I often make mistakes;

More often, than not, I find,

I don’t have what it takes.


It’s easier to find the truth,

And struggle with beliefs.

I’m not the giant I once was.

For this, my heart grieves.


“I wish you could have known 

The ‘me’ I use to be,

When I was so much more:

Strong, confident, and free.”