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Squire Rushnell wrote a book in 2006 about ways God communicates with us through circumstances that occur daily in our own personal lives. The title of the book shortened is: When God Winks At You… We usually think of God communicating with us through prayer or through the Bible.  What if God actually allows events to fall in to place at the same time we have a feeling of sorrow, anger, or fear, and we yearn for comfort or reassurance? What if in a moment of hopelessness or confusion when we are in need of guidance, a person, book, or sermon crosses our path to give us what we need? What if in a moment of dark despair, we hear a sermon on TV, or meet a neighbor on our street who renews our faith in God, or our hope for the future?

Could that make an impact in our lives and change us in ways that are positive and uplifting? Squire shares stories from famous people to illustrate this.

I have learned over the years that events seemed to happen at the same time in my life that became building blocks for creating, “who I am today.” At the age of ten, the courts changed where I lived. I was exposed to good food, clean sheets, a huge library of books, and a safe place to read poems and stories written by famous writers. I started writing shortly after that. I learned values from Henry Van Dyke, William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austin, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and many more. I was given the opportunity to get a college education, which probably would not have happened if I had not changed residences when I was ten.

Through out my life, I loved to visit bookstores. While browsing, I have had urges to search in a certain section, or pick up a particular book, and know I would find answers to my questions within a book’s pages.  I earned a teacher’s degree and spent four years teaching children who lived across the street in the same children’s home I had lived in at the age of ten. Out of all the schools found in my home town, I was hired to teach in that school. Was it random or part of God’s plan?

Later in life, I married and had a child who would one day go to college and end up working for a company who specializes in making medications to treat a serious illness I acquired after retiring. I never knew I would get ill. He had already been working in this area, before I got ill. Was it random or God’s way of saying, “I’ve got your back?”

Time after time, things like this happen. I can feel bad, and look out and see a Cardinal fly up to my front porch and peer through my living room window at me, when I haven’t seen one for months. I can walk down the street and see a rare flower nodding to me in the wind. Is God communicating with me? I want to believe  that He is.

I just wish when I’m going through difficult times, I could remember to look for the good, the positive, the blessings I do have instead of focusing on what’s negative, or become so overwhelmed by emotions that I’m blind to everything else. I guess that has something to do with being a human being. I have the power to change that, however, if I choose to do so.  Reading this book is a step in the right direction.1

Yu/ stan/kema.

1 Rushnell, Squire.2006. When God Winks At You. How God Speaks Directly To You Through The Power Of Coincidence. Nashville, Tennessee. W. Printing, an imprint of Thomas Nelson.