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Darkness falls upon our Country

Like a never-ending blight.

We are struggling to hold on to

Remnants of God’s blessed light.


We are children in a forest

Who have lost our way back

To the place of love and comfort.

It is trust that we lack.


We must up-root what is evil                     

Found on Pinterest on 7-8-17. A.D. Williams. HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. Facebook.com.

From our lives and our hearts,

And not give in to hatred

That will tear us apart.


We must speak when justice wavers;

Remove hatred from our souls;

Dare to love those who are different;

And make acceptance our goal.


It is only when God’s values

Match the actions that we do,

That we’ll find a way to heal

The damage done to me and you.


Let us rise to meet the challenge

Before us as we turn

Toward the light and send the message:

Love is something we can learn.


Gather up your acts of courage,

Say the words we need to hear:

Faith and hope will get us through this

And restore what we hold dear.