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Jesus, Savior of my soul,                       

Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. hegsted.com. Derek Hegsted.


 Help me become more whole.

I submit to do Your will,

For I know You love me still.

All around is evidence,

You believe in commonsense.

I am human, make mistakes,

But without You, my heart breaks.

I know my ego and my pride

Cause such conflict deep inside. 

I fight to get the upper hand,

Found on Pinterest on 5-24-16. Marianne Williamson. Spiritual Journey.

And I fail to understand:

You made all that I can see,                     

And You died to set me free.

The very least I could do

Is to daily talk with You,

And to let You have a say,

In what I try to do today.

All You really want from me,

Is to love the Trinity.