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We live in strange times when greed seems to be clouding our judgment and attacking our sense of morality. We forget that we enjoy wonderful gifts from God the moment we open our eyes in the morning and close our eyes at night. All we have to do is look, listen, taste, and feel nature all around us.

Nature teaches us all about God, relationships, and it can teach us a lot about ourselves. Nature is a wonderful teacher if we just take the time to sit in silence and listen to her. We can choose to do so, and when we do, we are not disappointed. The sun rises and sets everyday. The moon rises and goes down. The stars remain constant. They teach us God is constant and faithful.

The seasons in Nature teach us of the cycles of life. There is a seed; a time of growing and developing; a time to mature and do what something was meant to do; a time to grow old and lose parts of itself, a time to die; and a rebirth. We live this cycle as human beings, and so does a tree, a flower, a stream. It is through Nature’s cycles, that we learn we will be reborn after dying. Even after death, life can begin again.

Nature teaches us to listen, to see, to observe. It enables us to see the majesty of God, the wonder of Him. It reflects His power and reveals universal signs of intelligence. Nature soothes and comforts us. We learn from Nature there are good things in life and bad things. They both exist. We see a steam can be gentle and soothing to our senses, but a stream can grow in volume to become a flood that can cause destruction.

We must not destroy the wild places, the great forests and canyons, the clean streams, magnificent mountains, and teeming valleys. They have lessons to teach and we must safe guard these gifts for our children and grandchildren. For Nature teaches us humility, trust, faith, and most of all, hope in the future. God has told us to take care of His creation. It is our task to do so.


Found on Facebook Timeline 2-8-17. Dorsey Davis, photographer. Gallery 45 Photography, LLC. Country and Farm Photography shared photo.