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When I was young,

I was taught not to lie,                               

Found on Pinterest on 7-8-17. A.D. Williams. HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. Facebook.com.

Not to put self-interest

Before the welfare of 

Others and the USA.

I learned bullying others

Was the act of a coward,

And it was important to

Respect men and women

For their strengths.

I was taught to 

Love my neighbor

Like I loved myself,

And to give back to

Society in a positive way.

I became proud

Of my country,

Proud to help my neighbor,

And proud to be a

Good and decent

Human being.


My heart bleeds

For the changes

I now see:

People lie to each other

And deny that

Truth just is.

People do treason

And make up reasons

Why others should 

Excuse them

For breaking laws.

Others walk around

Bullying others

Just because they can.

They make fun of

People who are different, 

And deny them services

And their basic rights.

They have lost sight

Of right and wrong.


My heart bleeds for them.

My heart bleeds for us.