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It seems the older we get, life becomes less complex and we are able to see the whole of life and not just a tiny segment of life. When we are young, we seem to get hung up on the details and lost with in them. Our energy is what drives us to explore and seek out a myriad of things to try. These things also end up distracting us from our real task on earth.

We obsess about getting a job,  keeping a job, making good money, becoming a success, and trying to balance time at work and time outside of work. We often get caught up in dating, learning how to navigate a relationship, and we work to create intimacy in our lives. We think about marriage, forming a family, and how we will raise children. When the relationship fails, we obsess about divorce and all the challenges that come as a result of ending a relationship.

We further distract ourselves with things we enjoy, people we hang around with, and technology that keeps our minds occupied. We tend to neglect nature, and put on hold getting to know our own mind, heart and soul. We put off our search for God, and becoming intimate with our own inner landscape.

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Until one day, the long string of losses start accumulating, and our distractions fall by the way side, and we are left vulnerable to the questions that start to haunt us: Who am I? Where is God? Has my life been worth while? Have I fulfilled my purpose? Can I die knowing I’ve resolved any issues that separate me from God? Is there anything I regret not doing?

We find that living life simply has its own rewards. We come to the realization that money, fame, and status are fleeting. We learn that friends die, children grow up and leave us to follow their own dreams. We learn to cherish the people we love, to live in the moment, because tomorrow may never come.

If we seek the wisdom that we all carry inside us, we also come to realize that love is our task and to love well, we must do it without judgement. Our purpose is to love: Friends, strangers, family, Nature, our real selves, and God. We are all parts of the cosmic whole. We are responsible for each other and our greatest happiness lies in making sure each part is valued, respected, and loved for being a necessary part of the whole.