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Living in a world

Without charity or hope,

Is like clinging to a cliff 

Without pulleys or a rope.


Giving without thought, 

Or emotion is an act,

That seems luke-warm.

There is something it lacks.


Being a good friend

Is more than saying, “I will.”

It involves a commitment

That you work hard to fill.


Saying, “I’m a Christian,”

Involves more than a name.

It means taking care of others

And treating everyone the same.


Implying the old and sick

Seek to bleed us dry,

Is making a judgement

Without asking why?


Talking about the poor

As if they are cursed,

Is only showing God,

We think we should be “first.”


Through out the world’s history,

It has always been true:

When we stop helping others, 

Our culture dies too.


This should make us all pause

And look before we leap,

For we may end up drowning

In an ocean that is deep.