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Daddy, can you hear me singing,                         

Found on Pinterest on 6-19-16. Father and Son. L’ubomir Cervence.

All the songs you sang to me,

As we walked the hills and meadows

In the state of Tennessee?


Can you see me hold a rifle,

Like you said, “So carefully,”

As I walk the streets of Bagdad

And drop to a trembling knee?


Can you smell the Honeysuckle                       

That filled the air in June,

As we sat on the back porch

And we both strummed a tune?


Do you remember all the lessons                       

Found on Pinterest on 6-17-17. Some Father/ son love. Eliza J. Photography.blogspot. com.

You took the time to make me learn:

How to be a man of courage,

And be kind when I am stern?


How to keep moving forward

When I’m tired and want to quit;

And when I’m in a tight place,

Take the time to pray a bit?


So many things you taught me,

Are useful over here:

Like “Be a man I’m proud of,”

And  “Stand your ground with fear.”


I wish I could have told you

As a boy and now a man,

How proud you made me, dad,

When you took me by the hand.


I loved your gentle laughter

Ringing in the summer air,

Found on Pinterest on 6-16-17. Julie Newell Photography.com.

As you put me on your shoulders,

Or you ruffled my hair.


There were times you scolded                        

When I was acting bad;

But you looked me in the eye

And said, “I’ll always be your dad.”


I really miss you, Father.

I see you often in my mind.

I’m glad God gave me to you.

You are one of a kind.