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I remember the first time

I came

Face to face with evil.                          

I looked it in the eye

And stood my ground,

While a gun was held

To the side of my head.

It was loaded,

And it was cocked.

I was unable to move

And I could not fight.


I did not kneel,

Even though

He told me too,

Nor did I have

The where-with-all

To pray.

I stood and looked

Evil in the eye,

And he stared

Back at me.


A child of seven,

I stood

Without fear,

Staring hard,

Into eyes


As a sea of darkness,

And a mouth so cruel,

Laughter never crossed

His unyielding lips.


He was big and

He leaned over me,

Snarling his hatred

And telling me lies.

I stood alone, 

And defiant;

And finally,

He walked away.


I had learned

A valuable lesson

That day:

How to sense evil

And know that


It is best

Not to fight

Or run away.



You have to wait

And stare evil

In the face.

As if to say,

I will not

Back away,

Nor deny

That you exist;

But I will not

Let you,

Defeat me.