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Found on Pinterest on 6-1-17. Still Flying by Mohan Duwal on Fivehundredpx.com.

Jack was a very curious bee,

Still he avoided the boundless sea.

He knew if he fell in to the waves,

He’d never know nectar from a pear tree.

So he huddled near by, under a leaf,

With hope in his heart and the strong belief,

That someday he could find love again

If he could live through this terrible grief:


He once loved a bee as sweet as wine,

And he made her his valentine.

She would race from him to the flowers

And dance with him before she’d dine.

They came together one stormy night.

She laid by him, snuggled in tight.

He wanted her for the rest of his life.

He found her dead in the morning light.


She had fallen down

From the tree to the ground.

She had fallen so quickly

Without a sound.

He mourned her for days

Her sweet, gentle ways.

He’d imagine her dancing

In  the sun’s rays.

Found on Pinterest on 6-1-17. awesomeinventions. com.


He decided to travel home for a while,                        

And try to forget her wonderful smile.

He traveled back to where he was born,

Knowing full well he was in denial.

He learned that: Bees come and die;

Sometimes there just isn’t a why;

Live in each moment as much as you can;

And don’t let good love pass you by.