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Losing life-time friendships              

Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. beaches,
Donna Matthews.

Is always full of pain.

They take you down a road

That’s called Memory Lane.


You see your past youth

On every living page

In the book of friendship

As  you slowly age.


You touch days of laughter,

You quickly savor joy.

You treasure every moment

Spent with your little boy.


You share a moment of magic

With every creative expression.

You’ve learned to accept the loss

That comes with their cessation.


Found on Pinterest on 9-29-16. Castle Lakes R.V. Campsite at Lake City, Colo. Anita Lequoia Outdoor Living.

Values, beliefs, and religion

Bound us so tightly.

There wasn’t a moment in time

When we took this lightly.


So many things we learned

By spending time together.                          

We thought we would be friends

 For ever and for ever.


Yet, I am left with a loss,

That has left a huge hole,

In the middle of my chest,

And taken a part of my soul.