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Lord of Love and glorious Light,                           

Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. Bob Berran. godisreal.today.

Please stay with me through the night.

Help me face the morning bright

And give me strength to do what’s right.


When I’ve lost all hope inside,                              

And I choke on wounded pride,

I’ll soon accept what’s been denied:

Loss of friends and dreams that died.


Be with me as my heart weeps

LDS artists, Greg Olsen, Del Parson on Pinterest on 5-24-17. Life Reflection. edlann.hubpages.com article.

While the night-time slowly creeps.

Pull me from a hole that’s deep.

I pray today my soul You’ll keep.


Take my hand and lift me high,                        

So that I can touch the sky.

Hold me gently as I cry,

As I tell the world good-bye.