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Found on Pinterest on 5-15-17. By Ian Plant. Colorado Mountains.

I wish that I could take

The rainbow from above                                                     

And store it forever

In a memory of love.


Found on Pinterest on 5-15-17.                                                                                 Indulgy.com


I wish that I could box

The Honeysuckle’s scent,

To carry it with you

Found on Pinterest on 5-15-17.Saved from loriedarlin.tumblr.      com.

Wherever you went.


I wish that I could gather,

A little group of birds,                                                             

To sing outside your window,

A song without words.


I wish that I could send

A slow drizzling rain,

So it could patter softly

Against your window pane.


Found on Pinterest on 5-13-17.

I wish I had great power

To make this all come true

For no one deserves it,

Any more than you.  


 I guess I have to settle

For just writing this all down,

Until the time comes when,

We both are heaven-bound.