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There was a young owl                           

Found on Facebook Timeline. Nicole Froese. Canada Manitoba Winnipeg. Saved from Country and Farm Photography, on 5-11-17.

That lived in a tree,

And he was as fuzzy

As he could be.

His eyes were big,

And his beak was small.

His toes gripped a branch

On a tree that was tall.

He could see from a distance

From his high perch,

That supper was coming

In a ground search.

He loved the moon

And the beautiful night.

He could find his way home

With the glow of starlight.

So he sat in the tree

And twisted his head,                        

Found on Pinterest on 5-13-17. Darrel Gulin Photography.

To let the owls know

He was about to be fed.

With one fell swoop,

He snatched his prey

And swallowed him whole,

In his unique way.

He preened his soft feathers

As he stuck out his chest.

Loudly he hooted,

“This hunter’s the best!”