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I sat outside near sundown            

Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-15-16. Taken by Jim Tanselle.

And watched the twilight fall,

Until the cloak of darkness

Came and covered it all:


The red and pink of the roses,

The shimmering green of a tree,

Were all but gone in an instant.

There was nothing left to see.


I closed my eyes in the darkness,

And the sounds intensified.

I was one with my surroundings.

My senses opened wide.


The birds were twittering softly

And settling in for the night. 

The mournful cry of a dove

Made everything seem right.

Found on Google on 8-10-15. bird-and-nature-lovers-photos. Haleem.



The smell of the Honeysuckle,                  

Filled me with infinite pleasure.

The scent of Iris and Roses,

Was a part of Nature’s treasure.


Songs of the frogs and the locusts,

Took my sadness away,

As I rested in peaceful slumber

Until the coming of the day.