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I can sense it in the air.

It reeks with despair.

This chaos follows us                         

Found on Pinterest on 6-4-16. Sarah.

And holds such brokenness.

Every time it comes by,

We cringe and we sigh.

It’s hard not to miss 

Past years of peaceful bliss:

When facts were the truth

And they provided proof

When others told a lie.

Brave men made an out cry.

When a man would break a law,

Good men told what they saw.


But our lives have changed with time,

And politicians commit crimes.

Found on Pinterest on 3-21-16. Yongsung Kim.


Men in government positions

Seem to get away with treason.

It is painful to live

When others hate to give

To those in need of care,

And they work to be unfair.

These men are often rich

And kick others in a ditch.                           

We need to all go back

When respect’s not what we lack,

And we reach out to each other,

As we would a long-lost brother.