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People have forgotten

How to watch each other’s back.

Consumed with our problems,

It’s common sense we lack.


Found on Pinterest on 4-20-17. the funnybeaver.com.

We have become complacent

Living self-indulgent lives.

We don’t take time to notice

Tears in someone’s eyes.


We turn away our faces, 

From the poor on the street.

We check our cell phones,

As we quickly retreat.


We tell ourselves we’re happy,

Avoiding other  people’s pain.

We refuse to shelter others

From the pouring rain.


Yet, think how much better

This whole world could be,

If I was kind to you,

And you were kind to me.


Found on Pinterest on 4-20-17. Poem by Emily Dickinson.

A little human kindness

Could go a long way,

Towards making earth a heaven

By the kind words we say.


So, let’s help one another,

With compassion in our souls,

Respect Mother Nature,

And make kindness our goal.


Loving kindness is the key

For us all, to survive.

Let’s trust one another,

And keep hope alive.