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The world around us is constantly changing. The way we process information and store information is in a state of flux. Even the way we interact and communicate with each other may be different day by day. We may interact through art, poetry, articles, internet, twitter, e-mail, phone messages, cell phones, texting, and so forth.

Words are often used by us to get a thought out in to the open for discussion. We quote poetry when we want to invoke a special meaning and feeling. We text when we are in a hurry. When words have importance, we prefer to say them face to face, looking into another’s eyes. Pure joy can start us singing the words we want to say. Words guide us, inspire us, and they help us organize our lives in such a way so that others can give us what we need.

When I was a child, a man’s word was his bond. It told others that he was trust worthy and reliable, and he would do what he promised to do. Words had meanings that made it clear to others what the words represented. Facts were seen as the truth, and  there was no second guessing, no “alternative facts” to manipulate or hide the truth.

Facts and truth are reliable. They give us a foundation to build upon. Truth gives us a sense of security, a knowing in our gut, a certainty in our heart, and a guide for our soul. Words help us define “what is.” They can travel through time and help us understand what love and friendship is. Words can hurt and destroy others when used unwisely, with ignorance, and disrespect. Words can also transform us as human beings.

God used words to communicate with His people, and these words have survived the ravages of time. The most powerful words God used was to describe Himself as: “The Great I Am.” For years, I struggled with the meaning of these words. When I was able to communicate more intimately within myself, and I was able to define myself as “who I am,”  I could see more clearly the meaning of the “Great I Am.”

To me, God was saying, “I exist. I matter.” ” I am a fact of the universe.”        ” What you see me do is who I am.” ” What I say is who I Am.” “I stand for something.” “I Am forever.”

It is important for each of us to remember that what we say and do, has power to influence others.  Words do matter. They help us define who we really are, and they validate our existence.


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