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I went for a walk

To clear my troubled mind,

And to my surprise,

I looked down to find:


Found on Pinterest on 4-14-17. Blue Spider-wort. anniesannuals.com

A lovely blue flower

The color of the sky.

It was simply exquisite.

I could not pass by.


I sat on the ground and

I watched it for a while.

I swear by the stars,

I think I saw it smile.


It had three petals

Symmetrically placed,

And at it’s very center

God’s finger had traced, 


A heart of pure gold

That drew my soul in.

I could feel my heart beat

And my troubles rescind.


Found on Pinterest on 4-14-17. Saved from Wikimedia Foundation. Western Spider-wort/ Prairie Spider-wort. Hans Palta, Ph.d.

A peace flowed within me

As I joined with the flower.

I tarried there

For more than an hour.


As I got up  to leave,

My troubles went away.

Joy filled my heart and

I was happy I stayed.