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I was walking down the street, 

And I happened to look down

To see a wondrous feat:

An ant was on the ground,                             

Found on Pinterest on 4-6-17. by Akhyar Maha on Fivehundredpx.

Hauling food twice his size.

He was focused on his goal,

And unaware of his demise.


The ant was black like coal,

And much to his surprise,

My shoes blocked his way.

“Would you please step aside?”

“Let me make it home today.”

” I have no time to hide.”


Well, I knew that I was big,

And he was a little guy.

I could snap him like a twig,

Or let him go on by.

But what if it was me,

Struggling in the soil?

What if I had a family,

And I was trying to toil

So that my kids could eat?


So I bent down to the earth, 

And said these words so sweet:             

Found on Pinterest on 4-4-17. Live Purposefully Now.com.

“Though little, you have worth.

Climb on my dusty shoes.

I’ll take you quickly home.

You have nothing left to lose.”


So the ant hopped on board,

And I took him home that night.

I did a deed for the Lord.

Love in me, burned bright.