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Blue skies,

Found on Pinterest on 3-8-17. Summertime Magic. howiefarkes.com

   Fluffy clouds,

      Young trees,

         Blue wild flowers,


                 Spring grass.




Tall trees,


         New leaves.

Found on Pinterest on 9-8-16. pro.com.








Lilacs found on Pinterest on 3-12-16.


Lilac bushes,                                 


          Purple blossoms






                       Apple blossoms.


Found on Facebook Timeline on 3-14-16. sy-paintings.

Spring comes softly in the night,

 Tiptoeing through the April showers.

 Birds sing in the morning light 

 And sit beside the sweetest flowers. 

 The only thing I want to do

 Is hold this beauty close to me,

Drink in the fragrance anew,

And make a cherished memory.