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Found on Pinterest on March 15, 2017. lessonslearnedinlife.com.

There is nothing in the world like the feeling of being wanted. This is especially true for those children who lived in households where abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and alcoholism were present. The need to be wanted, to know that someone chooses you to spend time with, is so elemental and central to our existence as human beings.

Mothers, who want their children, spend time with them, show them affection, confront them firmly, but give them feedback that they are loved and cherished despite mistakes and difficult moments. They guide their children, teach them necessary skills to navigate life, and see to their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

They also encourage independence and creativity in their children. They  open their children to the beauty of nature, the value of human connection, and the social contract of accepting responsibility for themselves and others. Most of all, they teach and show love, acceptance, forgiveness, and fairness toward others.

Friends, who show us acceptance and take time to be with us, enrich our lives. They commit to the relationship and make time in their busy schedules to contact us. They give us respect, set boundaries with us, try to meet our needs when possible, and they help us grow by exposing us to constructive criticism, feedback, and open our minds and souls to beauty, knowledge, and a different perspective towards life. Friendships matter.

Partners, husbands, wives, and lovers expose us to different ways of being, communicating, and sharing who we really are as people. They make us feel intensely, and they push us to make changes so that we grow together in relationship to one and another. They can lead us to joy and unspeakable pain. They often create bonds that last for a life-time.

God wants us to be in relationship to Him. He wants our company and has sacrificed much for us. He speaks to us in nature, through the words and actions of others, through the written Word, through coincidental events, our intuition, and the attempts we make to reach out to Him in prayer, song, worship, books, and others who love Him.

For some of us, it is hard to believe He wants us as we really are. In times of difficulty, we feel He is angry with us or doesn’t want us. Our past relationships often color our perception of Him. When we achieve a good relationship with God, we can experience peace, security and joy. Being wanted, by those that matter to us, can bring us happiness in life.