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There are boots marching in the streets,

Because congressmen refuse to listen                    

Found on Pinterest on 10-20-16. Saved from usa-1.tumblr.com.

To their calls and e-mails saying:

“We are worthy of your respect, and

We deserve your attention regarding

Our right to freedom of speech and

Freedom to protest what will destroy,

Our right to the pursuit of happiness.”


“You do not have the right to take from us

What happens to our minds, our bodies,

Our souls, and the needs of our children.

You do not have the right to choose for us

Who we love, or marry, or what religion

We honor, or what needs to be cast away.”


“The hungry deserve to be fed, the disabled

Free to live independently, have access

To guaranteed healthcare, and be treated

With  the compassion and dignity they deserve.”


“Women deserve the same rights of men:

Equal pay for the equal work, equal access to

The ladder of success, equal rights

Regarding their own bodies, and the right to expect

Others to treat their bodies and minds  with respect.


“The poor deserve your compassion and help,                                         


found on Pinterest on 11-27-15. Winter along the river-Bald eagles. By Persis Wiers. Wild Wings.

Because someday you may be walking

In their footsteps. 

Universal healthcare with guaranteed benefits is a right

For everyone in order to  pursue  happiness.”

“The sound of boots will continue to slap against 

The pavement, and voices will continue to rise

Until you respond to the needs of The People

And remember YOUR mandate to serve, ALL THE PEOPLE.”