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I feel compassion for birds,

For the wind is strong today.

I watch the tree branches bend

As they dance and sway


To some unheard melody

Found on Pinterest on 3-7-17.” Living in the Green Wood.” Ivan Alifan.

That only trees can hear.

The trees stand tall and proud

In the gale without fear.


Why can’t I be more like a tree

And bend with the winds in life?

Instead I get caught up in them,

And feel a load of strife.


I wish that I could stand as tall

As the oak tree out back.

Instead I want to run away.

It’s courage that I lack.


One day I’ll be as brave as trees

That bend with the wind.

I’ll learn to stay above the fray,

And accept what life sends.


I’ll learn to be as patient

As the trees that wait for Spring,

And when I see my new-found growth,

I’ll hear the angels sing.