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Ashes fall from the fires of burned out dreams,

And drift downward covering us with a fine mist.             

Found on Facebook Timeline on 11-7-15. rawforbeauty.com.

Nothing in life is really as it seems,

For hope can end up smashed by someone’s fist.


Innocence comes from within, lighting our soul

With beauty, truth, and absolute joy.

We believe that others can make us whole,

That ideals can lead us to glory.


Sooner or later, we are taken down,

And our hearts are torn to pieces.

We search for a hole in the cold ground,                    

Found on Pinterest on 1-5-17.

To hide until the pain ceases.


We choose to give up or we fight,

To deal with the burden of pain.

For we know, if we extinguish the light

Of hope, we’ll go insane.