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My tears fall for a Country

I no longer recognize.

America has been brought down

to its knees by greed and corruption.

It’s ideals and values plundered

By people who no longer care,

About the average person who 

Works to keep his family alive.

Powerful men want to rape and destroy

The loveliest of Nature’s treasures.

They intend to bring down the institutions

That keep our Nation running smoothly,

And that protect the weak, the old,

The poor, and those who are disabled.


These men have lost their way,

And they have betrayed the very people

Who have placed them in power.

They laugh and make plans

To take from the very poor

Needed resources and

They hand them to the rich.

They pollute our clean rivers,

Dirty the air we breathe, and

Steal land from the Native Americans.

They say with arrogance and greed,

“Let’s make America great again.”

They ridicule those who are different,

Poke fun at the handicapped,

Verbally abuse the poor and the weak,

Take money from the elderly,

Take away school lunches from

Hungry children,

And call themselves “Christians,

Convinced they are doing the will of God.


They treat minorities with little respect,

Shut out families fleeing from war,

Lie continually to the people they serve,

Create chaos and insecurity for people

They are suppose to keep safe,

And they rule with arrogance and power.

They steal and cheat from

Their constituents,

Are filled with hatred towards those

Who disagree with their ideas,

And make war on the less fortunate.

My heart bleeds for a Country

That has lost its moral compass

In the name of religion.