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You will always remain

Very special to me,

No matter the number

Found on Pinterest on 11-2-15.

Found on Pinterest on 11-2-15.

Of years in between.

The next time we meet,                      


Or talk once again,

I’ll always remember

You were my best friend.

I remember the soft light

That lit up your eyes

When I would bring you

A wondrous surprise;

The way you would listen

And try to be fair;

When we would argue,

You’d always be there.

We didn’t need words

To share our thoughts, 

Or all the harsh lessons

That living had brought.

We accepted our flaws,

And mistakes that we made.

We worked out our problems

And both of us stayed.

Our commitment was strong

Through all of the years,

To stay good friends 

Through the joy and the tears.

We couldn’t foresee

What the future would bring,

That old age would carry

A terrible sting.

Memories were lost

In the hallways of time.

Pain grew inside

Without rhythm or rhyme.

Her own thoughts 

Would then disappear.

She’d end up feeling

Such terrible fear.


But my love remains,

As I reach out to touch

The curve of her face.

I love her so much.

I’ll find her again

With God’s sweet grace,

My best friend.