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” I love my Country,”

Said a man in the street.

” I’ll march until I lose my feet,                   

Found on Pinterest on 4-2-16. Zarias.com.

Found on Pinterest on 4-2-16. Zarias.com.

Or my heart ceases to beat.”

“I fought in the war

During World War II.

I saw what happened to the Jews.

It’s a shame what Mankind can do.”

“It’s enough to make you sick inside,

When someone takes another’s  pride,

And refuses to care about those who died.”

It started by taking away the rights

Of a group others didn’t like,

And calling them names, like ‘Kike.’

They told the Jews to take a hike.

When the Jews stood  tall,

They were put on trains,

They branded  them. It was profane.

A nation seemed to go insane.

Little by little, they lost their souls,

By turning on others with their hate.

They did not even hesitate.

Some Jews suffered a horrible fate.

Later, the world would ask us all:

“Who was to blame

For these acts of shame?”

For the Nazis, it was just a game.

As people we have to search within

Our hearts and boldly realize,

It started with outrageous lies,

People breaking human ties;

Deciding who lives or dies;

And people giving in to sin.