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” Come, sit down beside me

By the clear sparkling sea.

Watch me hold the living water

That will soon set you free.


Your journey is starting.

There is so much to learn.

I am here to teach you

Just how to discern:


The light from the darkness,

The truth from a lie,

Those who would harm you,

Or leave you to die.”


There are those who will mock you,

Make fun of your name,

Try to turn you toward pleasure,

And make you feel shame.


They will tell you their secrets,

And how to get rich.

They will take you and use you,

And toss you in a ditch.


They will promise you much,

And take your good heart,

Leave you with nothing,

And rip you apart.


Don’t doubt for a minute,

There are some who are good.

They’ll reach out a hand and

Make themselves understood.


They will treat you with kindness

And show you respect;

Accept all your faults,

And try to protect:


God’s love inside you,

Your desire for what’s right;

Your faith like a child’s,

And your soul full of light.


” Remember there is goodness,

In some that you’ll meet.

You will taste of sweet triumph

And suffer defeat.


But your Faith will uphold you.

I’ll show you the way.

With God’s hand in yours,

You will make it today.”