This post I wrote two years ago, is very appropriate in the times we are now living. There are plans being wrought to take away resources for the poor. We have an obligation as a human being to help others in need of help and a mandate by Christ to do so. We all need people in our lives who show the compassion of Christ.


I find it amazing that in our advanced civilization there exits a segment of society today in the United States who thinks the poor should feed themselves and that the government should not take on the responsibility that every parent has to feed their children. I suppose they feel if enough shame is directed toward these parents, they will be motivated to step up to the plate and feed them. Perhaps they feel, if people go without food long enough, hunger pains will inspire them to work two jobs to feed their children. There are also those who do not want to help the poor for any reason, just because they don’t want to. Some say, “By God, I had to pull myself up by my boot straps and if I can do it, any one can.” I’ve often heard the phrase: “No one helped me. Why should I help…

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