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A child went forth every day

To see the bluest skies.

The air she breathed was very clean.

Delight was in her eyes.

The trees grew tall within the woods

As birds flew all around.

She laughed and sang and danced a jig.

She knelt upon the ground.

She gave great thanks to He who gave

Such beauty for her soul.

For she and Mother Nature knew,

They all could make her whole.


A child went looking for a sky

That was a lovely blue.

She wore a mask upon her face,

But toxins came right through.

She looked in vain for greener trees,

And sat upon the hill.

She saw the devastation from,

What oil and gas could kill.

She wanted water that was clear,

To satisfy her thirst.

 But all the water she could find,

By mankind had been cursed.