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Down in the primordial swamp,

All kinds of things slithered and

Crawled in search of any thing

That could be stolen, and carried

With them, to enable them

To survive the trip to the city.


They left by the side of the road,

Those that needed care,

Or a ray of human kindness.

Their moral compass was gone,

As well as any thought of

What was good for everyone.


They wanted only what could

Benefit them in the long run.

Many died, as they became weak,

And were left behind in the dust.

Others scrambled to find

The quickest path to power,

Arrogance, and human greed.


They trampled those that got

In the way of their selfish goals.

They learned how to create a

Smoke screen to distract from

Their real intentions, while they

Took advantage of the innocent,

The angry, and the disengaged.


They lied, manipulated, threatened,

And distorted others to build their power.

Not content with their status and greed,

They wanted more than they could carry.

So they manipulated people and events,

To get the things they wanted.


And so we wait with bated breath,

While all hangs in the balance.

What is a lie and what is truth?

What is said and What is done?

Who is given to and who is not?

Is it all smoke and mirrors?