Today this poem reminded me of people who enter our lives and speak to us as living, hurting individuals. They find a way, somehow to communicate with those parts of us so difficult to reach. With bravery, they find a way to learn new skills and engage in self-introspection, and with courage, they build a bridge where none has existed before. They don’t give up on you, but rather find a way to teach you how to heal yourself with a little compassion and guidance and so, the process begins on learning to love oneself. I thank God for such teachers, healers, and therapists.


Your strength
Flows through me
Like a mighty river
Flows through
Barren land.
It nourishes soil
That has been left
Unattended for

It is strength I
Depend on now
In these moments
Of quiet despair and
Days of unrelenting
Loneliness and
Sorrow that covers me
Like a thick black

Your strength
Lifts me up
From darkness
That threatens
To destroy
My spirit
And imbues me
With a sense of hope and
A feeling of peace.

Your strength
Gives me
The skills
To build
A new Tomorrow
And break
These shackles
From my past,
To move towards
A new beginning
And a brighter day.

Your strength
Comes from
God’s own Spirit…
Your compassion
Fills me with
Everlasting love.
Your touch heals
My wounded spirit.
Your heart forgives
My human flaws.

Your strength feeds
This life within me.
Your words cause
My soul to sing.
I find the seeds of

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