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There is a cancer growing

All around us with lots of

Loose ends, innuendos, lies,

Being spread like cancer cells

Invading every organism that

They come in contact with.


They believe the way to get

What they want is if they tear

This nation apart with hatred,

Rage, violence, and any tool

They deem useful to get what

They have always wanted most:

Our resources, and to rid us of

The freedoms which we hold 

Dear to our way of life.


Make no mistake about this:

Your needs are not on the lists

They compile, for they have been

Bought by money and corporations,

That put profit and greed before human life.


The only way to fight them is to get up

From your chairs, sofas, and tasks

And use your own power to vote.

This is the power you possess.


Use your courage, strength, and fortitude 

To stand as one, united in a common purpose,

To save this great nation from greed

And power-hungry groups who seek to

Exploit those who work hard with their hands;

Who take the food from children who are poor,

And seek to shame those who must ask for help;

Who threaten often to cut funds for the old,

And make the disabled wait for years for

Their basic needs to be addressed and met.


We must stand against tyranny and

Use what we have always possessed.

We must take the power we hold

In each of our hands and vote, in order

To create a nation we can be proud of.