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Down by the ocean,

I saw a mighty storm.

Clouds brought lightning.

I could not get warm.

Found on Pinterest on 4-1-16.

Found on Pinterest on 4-1-16. Indulgy.com.

I was a tiny figure,

Lost in a world of hate,

That had few boundaries.

It’s power was great.


It threatened to engulf me,

And throw me all around.

I lost sight of my bearings.

I could not touch the ground.


I was  whirling faster.

I could hardly see,

Anything to cling to.

“Was this my destiny?”


I found myself in water.

“Should I sink or swim?”

I tried to find an answer

As my eyes grew dim.


I gave up on struggling.

I only wanted peace,

To get rid of suffering,

And find sweet release.


So I let the ocean carry

My body back to shore,

To give me time to find:

“What am I living for?”