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In the middle of a trauma,

I returned to the mountains

And the forests of Colorado,

Seeking refuge for a troubled soul.


Found on Pinterest on 5-21-16.Dan Ashbach/Dan330. Uncompahgre National Forest. Colo.

Nerves on edge, skin prickling, and

With a heavy load of anxiety,

Random thoughts zipped across

The peripheral edges of my mind.

They became impossible to catch,

Let alone read in any coherent way.


Sweat covered my skin with a thin layer

Of cold perspiration and I shivered

In the shade of the pine trees.

Breathing was difficult as I walked.

Facebook Timeline photo. 3-14-16. Sy paintings

Facebook Timeline photo. 3-14-16. Sy paintings











I was alert to every sound in the forest.                              

I became aware of a roar, almost hidden, 

By the sounds of birds calling out to each other.

The sounds were soft and tender like love notes

Being sent to one’s mate as a reminder that love

Beat in his heart, and he wanted the world to know.


The sound of falling water fell upon my ears,

The rushing of many streams flowing into one.

The roar filled my senses and l became aware of 

Strength, power,  and an incredible feeling of joy.


Joy because the roar replaced my anxiety.

My thoughts slowed as I watched the water fall.

Watching each droplet separate from the other,

I felt my heartbeat slow to the sound  of the

Splatter of water hitting the rocks below.

I felt my muscles slowly unravel from being rigid.


Flowers of all different colors grew by the water.

Each flower filled my nose with a delightful aroma.

The sounds and sights blended into a place filled

With happiness and joy. Peace came in to my soul.