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Found on Pinterest on 3-20-16.

Found on Pinterest on 3-20-16.


This is my prayer to spirit. “come find me.”

Some days my soul can’t even pray.

I feel my soul has lost its way.

Surrendering to you, light found my soul.

Wind and flood have taken their toll.

Come find me.”


The Earth sings a symphony!

Glory comes in the morning.

I hear whispers at night.

I walk the Earth with barren feet

As she hears my plight.

Both tears and joy flow

As I climb this steep hill.

She knows what I’ve been through.

She whispers, “Just be still.”


Her name is Mother Wisdom.

She understands my heart.

If I seek her earnestly,

She’ll help me find gold:

The self I had surrendered,

Which was buried, stolen, and sold.

Some stories  are forgotten.

And others mirror my soul.

No more tales of patriarchs,

Men seeking to control.

I want a different story

To restore my fractured soul.


I cry for my sisters.

Their stories still untold.

Athena, Mother Mary,

And Magdalene too.

Gaia and Artemis,

My soul cries out to you.

You are not dead.

You live in me, held dear.

Stay with me

And give me strength.

Help me remove my fear!


Let moon, stars, and Venus

And the entire Milky Way,

Lay down beside me

And forever with me stay.

The Goddess has her reckoning,

The pain of the world restored.

She strokes my hair gently.

She reminds me of my worth.

She whispers, “You can do this.”

She assists me with rebirth.

Abundant gifts she gives me:

The owl upon its nest,

The scent of fallen pine trees,

That stays with in my breast.

She reminds me that for now,

I can finally rest.

Jenny Hardin


Shared by Yu/stan/kema.