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Found on Pinterest on 8-7-16.

Found on Pinterest on 8-7-16.


Every time I look at you, I come to know,

Every thing you look at becomes  beautiful.

Even when the strong winds blow,

Your hair curls and it becomes magical.


Every day I spend with you,

Makes me see and realize,

I am not alone in life

When love grows in your eyes.


Even when I hear your voice,

Or touch tears on your face,

I want no other choice than

To build you a safe place


To stay within my heart

Where good intentions lie.

I accept all of you,

Even when you want to cry.


Every thing I yearn to be

Seems  possible with you.

Even as the years go by,

I will still feel brand new.


Every moment spent with you

Makes life so worthwhile.

Thank you for your faith in me.

I cherish every smile.

Found on Pinterest on 8-17-16.

Found on Pinterest on 8-17-16.


Life is filled with good and bad,

Yet whatever comes my way,

I’ll always be thankful for,

You being in my life today.