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Found on Facebook Timeline on  7-16-16.

Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-16-16.

I walked down to the meadow.

I saw a little girl in the grass.

Her eyes were like the sky,

After the storm clouds pass.


Her little lips were quivering,

With every breath she took.

“Why doesn’t mommy love me?”

She said with the saddest look.


“I give to her sweet flowers.

I give to her my heart.

But she often leaves me

When ever we’re apart.”


Her eyes were full of shadows.

Her heart was full of pain.

“Mommy even leaves me

Standing in the rain.”


“What is there about me,

That makes her hate me so?

She wishes she didn’t have me

All those years ago.”


Loneliness engulfed her

As her fingers hugged the ground.

Her tears flowed like a river,

That never makes a sound.


On her hair she felt, 

The slightest gentle touch.

A butterfly had lit,

To say, “I love you, much.”


A smile curved round her lips,

As she sprung to her feet.

Joy grew on her face, and

Her countenance was sweet.


She ran in the sun-lit meadow,

And  her laughter filled the air.

” I know Mother Nature loves me,

And she is EVERY WHERE!”