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Night falls in the canyon tonight

Over-looking the Pacific ocean.

The stars cover the sky like a curtain

Of rare sparkling diamonds without end.

Found on Pinterest on 6-22-16,

Found on Pinterest on 6-22-16,

The air carries a faint smell of iodine

From sea-weed washed up on shore.

The ocean breeze tastes like sea salt

On the tongue, and the scent of Verbena

Brings back memories that please the heart.

Walking to the ocean’s edge, brings the sound

Of waves lapping against the shore and the

Faint cry of a seagull is heard in the distance.

I sigh with relief, and feel my breath rise and fall

To the rhythm of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Found on Pinterest on 5-6-16.

Found on Pinterest on 5-6-16.

Peace flows in and around each cell in my body.

The light of the moon throws a path across the water

And ends at my feet where the light enters.

It is warm and slowly flows to each part of me,

Bathing me with a light filled with kindness and joy.

Peace enfolds me as I allow the ocean’s song to

Calm my restless soul.