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Found on 5-19-16.Harish Malik on google+.

Found on 5-19-16. Harish Malik on google+.

One cold winter, I ventured into the woods.

I sunk knee-deep into snow and felt anxiety

Just for a moment. I was fearful of falling

And not being able to get up and move on.

The sun was out, blazing with all of its glory.

The sky was a deep blue color that you

Could lose yourself inside of for hours.

It was hard to tear my eyes away from

All that blue sky that spoke of tenderness.

The earth was covered in a blanket of

Soft delicate snow that made your heart

Ache with the purity of its cool, restful touch.

I stumbled forward into the eternal silence

Of the woods, feeling the breath of nature

Gently blow against my cheek with a light caress.

I was mesmerized by a light cool breeze 

That kissed my cheeks and made them red.

Even though my hands were covered with gloves,

The cold seeped through until my fingers were numb.

I walked to keep my blood flowing and came upon

A small creek that cut a path through the clean snow.

The sound of the creek was full of musical notes.

The tinkling sound almost created a song of joy.

The sun shinned its rays onto the snow below

And it sparkled like a thousand diamonds. 

It took my breath away, and I knelt

Before God, in Nature’s Church, and gave thanks

For the beauty that surrounded me and  

The peace that now dwelt within my soul.