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I’ve often wondered why

It is so difficult for us,

To have faith in God,

When others we can trust.


We give people chances,

More than they deserve.

Yet, we are quick to disown God,

When life throws us a curve.


The sun comes up each day

And disappears at night.

Yet, when the sun cannot be seen

We know the world’s alright.


The stars can be most brilliant,

When the sky is crystal clear.

When the sky is overcast,

We know the stars are there.


The seasons come and go.

We see this over time.

Life’s like a ticking clock

That’s always going to chime.


Why is it so difficult

To trust God loves us so?

Is it because we believe,

Our sins will bring us low?


Our self-esteem hinders us

In all we say and do.

We can’t believe we’re lovable,

If all our sins He knew.


We need to stop and realize,

We are a child of God.

He forgives us when we stray,

Or even if we’re odd.


God’s forgiveness covers us

With His grace and care.

All He wants from us is love,

obedience, and prayer.