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Found on Pinterest on 7-2-16. Flag -girl.

Found on Pinterest on 7-2-16. Flag girl.

Brave men who fought with dignity and honor

To carry their Country’s flag.

Who in the midst of battle,

Stood strong and firm in their faith

Of a personal God and the Country of their birth.

Strong men who fought side by side,

With men they learned to call their brothers;

Who faced death in the heat of battle;

And dealt with fears in a foreign land,

Learned to accept sacrifice and pain.

Sad men who left behind  their families

To keep our freedom alive and well;

Who in their tour of duty kept themselves

True to those they left behind, yet 

 Carried the scars of war within  their hearts.

Confused men who gave all they had

Found on Pinterest on 7-2-16.

Found on Pinterest on 7-2-16.

For their love of God and beloved country,

Came back to find their long-held values,

They fought and died for had changed.

They tried to understand  the hatred.


We must join our hands together,

With those who fought for those left behind.

We must join to build a new nation

Where there is equality and pride,

And find the courage to speak with one voice.