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It saddens me to realize

How much of life we miss,

When we fail to focus on

Our moments of pure bliss.


If we could somehow overcome

The power of our past

That comes and tries to sabotage

The moments that should last.


Instead, our primal instincts

Are triggered to protect,

Ourselves from being hurt again,

So we soon disconnect.


At times our good experiences

Trigger all the pain,

Of the things we did not get,

Or we could not obtain.


It’s a type of insanity

When anger comes within,

And we end up punishing

Those who give often.


We build a wall around our hearts

And steadfastly refuse,

To trust the people who reach out.

We have so much to lose.


How can we overcome our past

And put our grief aside,

And welcome just the present,

With our arms opened wide?


The truth, we blindly do not see,

Is life’s lived in the moment.

Our past affects  each new day,

We spend our lives in torment.


We must work out some sort of plan

To take what others offer,

And put away the bitter past

Which we can not alter.


If we allow ourselves to live

Obsessed with what is not,

We’ll rob ourselves of happiness,

Envying what others got.