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My heart leaps up inside my chest

Each time I see new-grown grass;

Found on Pinterest on 6-13-16. Green light.

Found on Pinterest on 6-13-16. Green light.

When I hug my favorite tree,

And pat its multicolored bark;

Or watch its leaves wave playfully,

In the sweetest gentle breeze.

I love blue and green the best,

Of the colors I walk past.


The color green is all around,

In the merry months of Spring.

New leaves come to greet the sun.

Its rays feel good on all my plants.

I love my trees, yes every one.

I sing to them when day is done.

They all look like they’re heaven-bound.

I see my God in every thing.


Each time I see a flower fair,

It takes me to a better place.  

Found on A Tramp In the Woods by Fodrambler. "A Blue Day" on wordpress. May 7, 2016. Bluebells.

Found on: A Tramp In the Woods by Fodrambler. “A Blue Day” on word press. May 7, 2016. Bluebells.

I love blue flowers the most,

Of all the flowers God has made.

Day flowers grow near my fence post.

Verbena grows along the coast.

Blue lavender crowns my hair.

Blue flowers have such sweet  grace.


My little boy wore blue a lot.

His sunny smile would warm my heart.

His hand in mine. was ecstasy.

His words were music in my ears.

I loved to see him running free.

He played tennis along with me.

We’d plant flowers in a pot.

I loved him from the very start.


Flowers, trees, and my dear son,                  

Found on Pinterest on 2-21-16.

Found on Pinterest on 2-21-16.


Brought me joy throughout the day.

Ordinary things that grew

Made my life shine like a light.

Such big trees, I loved them so,

Especially when the branches blew.

I loved to see my boy run,

And most of all, to hold him tight.