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Pinterest photo found on Facebook Timeline.                                                                                                                    4-8-16.



A little girl, with the saddest eyes,

Walks slowly down to the water.

She holds so much pain inside her heart.

She’s no longer someone’s daughter.


The little girl looks at the sandy shore,

And kneels with a stick in her hand.

She writes a message, catches her breath.

She writes again in the sand.


She’s leaving a message behind for Mom,

The mother that she adored.

Her Mother died two days ago.

People say, “She’s with the Lord.”


The little girl wants her Mother to see,

She will never be forgot.

She left these words in the sand for her:

“Mom, I love you, a lot.”


The next time she walks down to the water,

Found on Pinterest on 6-18-16. M. Bezjian.

Found on Pinterest on 6-18-16. M. Bezjian.

She’ll  remember they danced in the tide.

She’ll  remember the hugs mom gave to her,

With  her arms opened wide.



Her Mother would hold her close to the sky.

Her  laughter would fill the air.

They believed they had forever,

To show how much they cared.


We never know when life will end,

Or when last words will be said;

Or when we will say a last good-bye,

After putting our children to bed.


If we want to live life, without regret,

We’ll share the emotions we feel.

We’ll say all the words we need to say,

And show them a love that is real.