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Shadows dance near the edges

Of a tearful, troubled mind.                 

Found on Pinterest on 6-3-16.

Found on Pinterest on 6-3-16.

They call it Shadow Land:

A place where broken dreams

Die a slow, lonely death.


The heart still beats deliberately, 

In a chest that has forgotten

How to breathe deeply and fully.

The mind gradually slows to a crawl.

Awareness shuts down as systems

Switch on automatically.


Eyes stare straight ahead

Without a glimmer of hope.

The need for movement ceases.

Yet still, the heart pumps on in

A  body filled with bleak despair.


Age has taken its toll on lips

That have forgotten how to form

A smile that once lit up a room.

He dozes for a while–oblivious

To all the sounds around him.


He finally stirs, moving

Like some kind of  marionette,

Sitting up and putting his feet

On the floor, one foot at a time.

He leaves his house and starts 

His solitary journey down the street.


No one realizes the courage it takes

Found on Pinterest on 5-25-16.

Found on Pinterest on 5-25-16.

For him to walk one step forward,

To stop and say hello to people

While walking down the street.

There is a kind of determination, 

He finds, in trying to survive

One more day without hope.